Why a Bosworth Boat Build

Kevin Bosworth has worked in the boat building industry for three decades and has built numerous offshore motor cruisers and even blue water sailing boats. All have been recognised for the their quality of craftsmanship and their unique design, detailing and practicality. Three of these boats have appeared in the top one hundred boats of all time in ‘Motorboat and Yachting’. Kevin has owned craft and extensively cruised the inland waterways all his life. This personal knowledge gives him a unique insight into what can be realistically achieved when commissioning a new boat.

Our aim is to build boats that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We believe that beds should be of a size to give comfortable night’s sleep and seating should be of proportions that are not compromised. The equipment and finishes we specify or recommend have been evaluated over a number of years and have proven reliability and longevity, along with excellent after sales back up.

The boat’s steelwork has been designed by Branson Boats in conjunction with us and has many unique features that may at first not be apparent. Branson Boat Designs has a high reputation in the industry for the design of boats and many boat-builders of high repute go to this company for new designs. Branson designs state: Some of the worlds leading steel boat builders know the benefits of having their own design computerised. The 3D modelling helped us to make changes prior to boat going into production.

The boat’s paintwork is achieved using state of the art paint technology giving high lustre finish. S & G Refinishers state: After the preparation stage, we apply 2 coats of high build 2- pack epoxy primer. This primer will give you excellent corrosion and chip resistance and is technically superior when compared to the more traditional primers. We follow this with a ‘high-solids’ 2-pack acrylic topcoat, the same type of technology used on today’s passenger cars. This type of paint system will give you better gloss, durability and colour retention and should give you two to three times the life of the more traditional synthetic and polyurethane finishes.

The Vetus engines specified have been matched to the boats motoring requirements. A low power engine maybe sufficient when cruising the canal system but be totally inappropriate when cruising on the country’s rivers. Vetus state: The Vetus Hyundai VH4.65 is a superbly quiet, super-smooth 4 cylinder marine diesel inboard engine – an option is to fit with a hydraulic power pack which allows the engine to power the drive, bow thruster and generator.

The onboard equipment has been carefully chosen to be both practical easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

Equipping your new craft with the latest technology, luxury materials and must-have gadgets can be a costly affair; when deciding which boat to buy, watch out for the hidden extras.

Saloon looking forward


Transom view



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